Camp Liberty’s Mission Statement

Camp Liberty provides inclusive outdoor recreation programs that aid in the reintegration of U.S. military service members, veterans, and their families, with an emphasis on assisting those with post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries.

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Camp Liberty provides an environment conducive to the therapeutic experience facilitated by a natural wilderness setting, helping individuals develop life skills or face health challenges. Camp Liberty’s base of operations, 137 acres located in Norvell Township of Jackson County, MI, is operated by Camp Liberty through a long-term land sharing agreement. Under this agreement, Camp Liberty Inc. utilizes this property for its recreational and therapeutic programs. A multi-year conservation plan has been implemented to restore this property to a native Michigan habitat in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture’s Conservation Reserve Program, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Partner’s for Fish and Wildlife program and with the support of conservation organizations such as Pheasants Forever, Safari Club International, and the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Brave Hearts Estate

is a 238 acre ranch that was donated to Operation Injured Soldiers by a patriot and generous supporter of our injured veterans. Opened in the spring of 2015, the Brave Hearts Estate serves as a retreat destination with a main house, Campfires, signing & s’mores, Hunting, Cable Tv & Board games and a wide variety of nearby adaptive sporting amenities.
Located in the northwestern corner of Michigan, Brave Hearts Estate is nestled just outside the city of Pellston. Veterans & their families can enjoy many nearby attractions:
Shop in Petoskey, Harbor Springs & Charlevoix
Ski Resorts/Snowmobiling
Boat / Swim in Michigan Lakes
Visit Mackinaw City & Island
30 Station 3D archery Range on site
Sporting clays / hunt Club
Scenic Drives
Hiking & Biking trails
Fishing & Boating

Purple Heart Acres

SITUATION: I founded Purple Heart Acres with the motto “No Soldier Left Behind” in May of 2014 and began turning our farm into a veteran safe haven. Many veterans who come for agritherapy are sensory deficient. Due to prolonged wartime engagements they have lost connection with their senses and seem to wander in a joyless place, out of touch with the world around them, knowing they are missing something but at a loss to know what it is or how to find it again. Some Veterans don’t know how to turn off the constant “mind talk.” They don’t know how to begin to pay attention to the natural world around them and move back into a normal life…

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MISSION: To provide a safe haven for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injuries and PTSD in Michigan while participating in agritherapy activities. In doing so we also provide them a source of income and provide the much needed support required while transitioning out of the service.

EXECUTION: Purple Heart Acres produces quality hay products and we’ve added grass-fed beef, organic egg production/gardening-produce and are building our aquaponics structure for organic farm raised fish. We operate in mid-Michigan with the expressed purpose of utilizing our profits to provide a veteran safe haven for disabled veterans in the mid-west. We teach the skills a veteran will need to operate a farm to include working with farm equipment and teaching horticulture skills.

SERVICE & SUPPORT: Freedom is not free. The cost of war is measured in dollars by our politicians and pundits in the United States, but for those of us who have worn the uniform of the US it is measured in blood, sweat, tears, and lives. When we soldiers return home from giving everything for your freedom the scars and disabilities we carry return with us. Most of us rely on medical services through the Department of Veterans Affairs to help us regain slivers of our lives that were lost in a faraway land. However, the VA has proven time and time again that it is unprepared, understaffed, and unable to offer vets the immediate and comprehensive treatment they require. provide disabled veterans with financial support to attend the best medical treatment facilities in the country through the production and distribution of quality agricultural products. Currently, we produce quality hay products in mid-Michigan and our operation is rapidly expanding due to extremely high demand. As our season is coming to an end here in Michigan we are planning for a large expansion in the coming year that includes acquiring more land and equipment to increase our overall production and ability to fund medical treatment for our vets.
Through our donation campaign you can help us reach more disabled veterans with the medical treatment they deserve. Your donations will be put directly to expanding our operation and infrastructure which will allow us to meet our increasing demand, resulting in more funds available to send vets to the best medical treatment facilities in the country. This business model allows us to maintain a steady funding stream year to year through sales of our agricultural products and will ensure consistent funding streams for our cause in years to come. We are a Farmer Veteran Coalition Certified and Home Grown by Heroes Certified producer. Help us help vets like me that are not getting the medical treatment they need through the VA.

Executive Director & Founder


BraveHearts hosts weekend retreats throughout the year at our peaceful and picturesque farm in Harvard. The retreats are geared towards veterans who have experienced combat related trauma, military sexual trauma, veteran couples and Gold Star families.

During the retreats, veterans are able to utilize experiences with horses and group process to gain to mastery, life skills and healing while spending time with other veterans. The horses and Bravehearts environment enable veterans who have endured profound psychological wounds to make strides that often take years to actualize sitting in a room engaged in psychotherapy.

The retreats are facilitated by Vet Center counselors. Participants are housed at BraveHearts with communal meals provided. Expert staff and volunteers provide activities with horses. Opportunities to participate in meditation, group discussions and free time are often included. Grooming, leading, riding, carriage driving and foundation horsemanship are some of the equine activities used.


Camp Valhalla is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by veterans, for veterans. Our mission: provide our nation’s heroes with an opportunity to dismiss the stress and anxiety of transitioning to civilian life by providing them with an all-inclusive stay at the retreat. During their stay at Camp Valhalla, veterans will have the opportunity to connect with other veterans who are facing similar hardships and stressors, enjoy our luxurious cabins, bass stocked lake, firing ranges with trained Range Safety Officers, hiking and all-terrain vehicle trails, as well as one-on-one and group sessions with our Veteran Transition Specialists who will provide them with the tools and resources necessary to overcome any hardships and be successful in their lives outside of the military. Your donation will not only change the lives of veterans and their families everywhere, but will continue to help us combat negative statistics as well. Thank you!


Veteran Outdoor Adventures is a blog dedicated to getting veterans who suffer from combat PTSD out in nature.